Staking PFAN on PowerFan

The most effective way to stake on PowerFan is the PFAN-MATIC token pair on the Polygon Network

Currently, there are 3 Options for staking:

  • 30 Days @ 50% APY

  • 60 Days @ 75% APY

  • 90 Days @ 100% APY

Check Out Albert's tutorial for how to stake MATIC-PFAN for these temporary yields

Look at our subpage on how to get MATIC over to MetaMask if you need help. For more detail, here's some step-by-step instructions:

After buying PFAN tokens on PowerFan, go to our DeFi Portal for staking and select a staking period for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Select the time you want and then add the number of PFAN tokens to combine with MATIC (done automatically) and then click approve and comfirm on MetaMask

Then Click the "Stake Button" and confirm on Metamask

Wait about a minute for the database to catch up and you should see your staking entry appear on your display

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