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  • Completed a successful NFT sale campaign involving the artwork of Jun Aquino, the “Painter of Champions” PowerFan has successfully raised over $500,000 in a seed round of early token purchases and has enough funding to finance developing the core product.
  • DeFI Staking Platform going live Q1 2022 where users can stake PFAN Tokens to earn up to 100% APY
  • Signed over 18 Power Partners who send us business and feature PowerFan to their audience
  • Signed 10+ White Glove Service* clients for NFT launches with Olympic athletes, bestselling authors and successful entrepreneurs*
*White Glove Service is a service where PowerFan covers the end-to-end service for clients who already have an audience but do not have the tech knowledge to execute NFT sales on their own. PowerFan collects 30% of the total NFT sales