PowerFan One Page Overview

PowerFan is Revolutionizing Defi Payments and Empowering Content Creators

PowerFan empowers authors, artists & creators to conduct commerce in valuable new ways using DeFi, social tokens and Web3 blockchain technology.

Founded by an award-winning blockchain engineer, a book publisher and a hedge fund CEO, PowerFan has a talented and experienced team that is fully doxxed and visibly involved. PowerFan Highlights:

  • DeFi Staking is Live on Polygon Network: Investors and users can earn up to 100% APY in PFAN Tokens by staking PFAN & MATIC on our platform

  • Earn While You Learn Content Platform: Users who stake PFAN get Power Tickets (pTIX) as a bonus and can use those to access exclusive content and support their favorite creators

  • Content Creators Earn in Crypto on PowerFan: Our content creator platform allows creators to sell access to their exclusive content priced in crypto, thereby earning in new ways with their audience!

  • Listed on HotBit, CoinGecko and Nomics: The PFAN Token is listed on a growing number of influential sites and has a listing agreement with Gate.io signed with a Q3/ Q4 listing timeframe.

  • Power Partners Earn 5% of All Referrals: We have signed dozens of deals with Power Partners, who as referral partners earn 5% of all PFAN sales + Content Creator revenue they refer to PowerFan.

Ready to Get Involved?

Are you an investor looking for access to promising new blockchain investments?

Are you a content creator looking to earn in crypto and sell your content on the blockchain?

Are you an expert, authority or community manage who wants to earn recurring passive income?

Contact us at : info@powerfan.io

Let’s partner and make your goals a reality on PowerFan!

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